Neatly is always free to use

However we do operate a fair use policy, you can view this here





What do I get for nothing?

Put simply. Everything.

Prebuilt Dashboard


Custom Dashboards


Goal Monitoring

PDF Reports

Unbranded Reports

Neatly Toolkit

It's free? How come?

We are a development agency which built to help their clients use their data and decided to make it free for public use. Want to find out who we are? Click here.

Are there any setup fees?

We do not charge setup fees.

How do you make money?

Couple of ways, through digital and development projects and we also send a monthly sponsored email (just the one) which helps cover costs and we also charge for onboarding support if required.

Looking for a digital partner to build your next website or platform? Say hello.

Can I cancel my account?

You can cancel at anytime.

What if I need help?

We have a comprehensive knowledge base and a number of how to videos to get you started. If you require additional support you can purchase our onboarding package here.

Why do you have a fair usage policy?

As it is free we want to ensure it remains sustainable for all to use, by capping the amount of companies using neatly at any one time we can efficiently manage our infrastructure and minimise disruption to the service.