How neatly works

Neatly brings all of your data together under one roof.

View all of your data

View all of your data

With over 45 integrations, neatly will display all of your data onto one beautiful dashboard. You can view pre-build dashboard for every integration or create your own custom dashboards and monitor the metrics important to the growth of your business.

Set Monthly Goals

Setting goals is important, tell us what your targets are i.e. increase online revenue, improve cost per acquisition and neatly will start to track the relevant KPI's and update you on your progress throughout the month.

Set monthly goals
Get personalised insights

Get Personalised Insights

Receive insights on your data, what has been happening and what to do about it.

All of your data, neatly

Understanding your businss data is important, neatly makes this process simple and time efficient. Make your business data driven today.

Get personalised insights