Our commitment

We will still be working on neatly and adding features and functionality but it is unlikely we will add any new integrations in the short term.

API’s continually change and we will update existing integrations, the exception being if an integration is not used then we make a judgement on whether to retain the integration.

Fair Usage Policy

The platform is free to use and is maintained however to ensure it remains manageable we are going to put a cap on the number of companies that can be created under one user account and also the number of total companies.

When we reach the total company limit we will setup a waiting list

In order to be fair and keep the platform moving, we will have an active user policy which will be implemented when we reach the max threshold.

Any user who has not logged in within 60 days will be notified, should they not log back in within 14 days of the email, the account data will be deleted and a new user will be able to signup.


Only available to existing customers.