For Agencies

Use neatly as a client management tool for reporting

Multi Company Support

Manage multiple companies from one signin to keep on top of your clients and their businesses. You can invite unlimited users to each individual company.

Weekly & Monthly Reports

Schedule monthly and weekly reports for each of the integrations setup, showing latest metrics and how they compare to the previous time period. Straight to your inbox.

Manage Client KPI's

Agree goals with your clients and use neatly to monitor them throughout the month.

All of your data, neatly

Understanding your businss data is important, neatly makes this process simple and time efficient. Make your business data driven today.

" the app!" Mark Thompson of
"Signed up in under 7 minutes and have a view of my youtube, vimeo, facebook and twitter all on one page... If you all stopped/unsubed from old emails like Taco Noahsaid to do, doing this will give you enough time to watch star wars 5 more times this year!" Keli'i of
"Great product by the way" Warren Dawson of