So if neatly is free

How do we keep a roof over our head and some jam on our bread?

We do offer advertising throughout the platform however this is restricted to the following mediums:


We run a monthly sponsored email to all of our users, these are predominately small digital business and ecommerce owners. The US accounts for approx 45% of our user base and the UK 30%.

If you are interested in running an email campaign with us please drop us an email.

Sponsored Ads

We will be placing some very tasteful ads throughout our blog, these are a mixture of affiliate ads and paid for placements.


These have proved popular with our users and we plan to offer more in the next 12 months, if you are interesting in sponsoring a webinar or looking for a complete takeover, drop us an email.

Your Dashboard

Once you are logged into your neatly account you will not see any ads throughout your dashboards and we plan to keep it this way. We feel it would be intrusive, distracting and messy!

Perks Page

We are considering a perks page within your account where users can access exclusive deals. If you sell goods or services that fall into our target audience drop us an email and we can talk.